New Faces

Alexis Bardot

Young, tattooed, blonde model with perfect body, that makes her seem like a bad girl, but not just the outward tell you all about her. Alexis is also very smart, sensitive girl and even her performances can pleasantly surprise you. Doesn’t not matter what type of scene she is in, she’s always the center of attention.

Cassie del Isla

The model who needs no introduction. Cassie del Isla is one of our top actresses. Not all women were born with this exceptional talent for acting. She speaks fluent French, English, Spanish language. Her good mood and professionalism will deliver wonderful outcome. She does her job with love.

Luna Corazon

This exotic Brazilian model with mysterious eyes is full of energy and uncontrollable passion. Dark brown curly hair, soft skin and perfect body shape are making her absolutely unique woman. She has got so many experiences with shooting erotic content. Luna is more than professional actress.


Founded in Prague mid 2014, Nikki’s Models quickly acquired one of the leading positions in the industry thanks to experienced staff and a unique portfolio of new models interested in performing for the adult audience. A good introduction to the industry and efficient handling of registrations lead Nikki’s Models to become the fastest growing erotic agency in Czech Republic. We are now structured to provide a full range of talent for local and international productions, including male and female models, videographers, photographers, lighting guys, production managers, production assistants, make-up artists, stylists, location and catering service providers. We place our own models with other agencies around the world. With Nikki’s Models, you have a truly global reach.

We pride ourselves on our career management abilities, performance, financial soundness and sympathy. We try to be an open, involving and reliable partner to both our models and customers alike – qualities which we’d like to be measured against.

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